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The Global Internal Audit StandardsTM require the use of an internal audit charter, defined as “a formal documen

The worldwide Risk in Focus survey asks internal audit leaders to identify current and emerging risks for their regions. Risk in Focus reports based on the survey, roundtables, and interviews will be released on 24 September 2024 for each region.

What New Internal Audit Standards Mean to the Board

Cybersecurity is the top risk consideration for internal auditors, and that will remain the case for the foreseeable future. Indeed, it is the singular risk consuming their greatest time and effort, according to Risk In Focus 2024.

Through a collaborative effort of the internal audit community, the new Global Internal Audit Standards™ will elevate the profession and support practitioners in performing any audit, anywhere, according to the one-and-only IIA Standards.

The December issue of Internal Auditor is here! Read about fighting fraud with advanced analytics, the findings from the global 2024 Risk in Focus report, knowledge audits, and more

Reporting is the final step in an audit and is in many ways the most important. How findings are presented and how recommendations are communicated in reporting can make the difference between an internal auditor's work being useful or forgotten.

New SEC Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules: What Boards Must Do to Get Up to Speed

Africa Risk in Focus: A strong wave of digitalization is helping to transform Africa’s economies and government systems, but it has also left organizations more vulnerable to cyberattacks and customers open to online and mobile scams.

The October Internal Auditor magazine, now live, features 15 visionary Emerging Leaders — plus internal audit’s role in M&A and advice for auditing governance in the digital era.

The International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) has released its first round of standards - an important step forward in sustainability reporting. Now, organizations worldwide have a common language they can use to report on sustainability-related risks and opportunities.


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