Risk in Focus 2025

The worldwide Risk in Focus survey asks internal audit leaders to identify current and emerging risks for their regions. Risk in Focus reports based on the survey, roundtables, and interviews will be released on 24 September 2024 for each region.

The more responses obtained from each region, the more accurate and valuable the reports will be. You can see last year’s Risk in Focus reports (including response rates per Institute) at theiia.org/RiskInFocus.

What is the purpose of the survey? To collect data for the Risk in Focus annual reports for each region and global summary.

Who is the core audience for the survey? Highest ranking internal auditors in the organization.

What are the survey dates?

The survey starts on the same date for all, but the end dates differ per region. Please see below:

  • 21 March to 24 April 2024 (Africa)

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