International Internal Audit Awareness Month


The month of May is globally designated as International Internal Audit Awareness Month. This month is
specially set apart to build awareness about the important role of internal auditing. This is when members of our
profession have an enhanced opportunity to advocate for the profession within their organizations and out in
their communities.
The theme for this year’s Awareness campaign is SHOUT IT OUT! The theme calls for internal audit
practitioners and beneficiaries of the internal audit professional services to clearly and openly acknowledge and
promote the value internal auditing brings to the organizations. The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Tanzania
during this month, will particularly focus on efforts to creation and enhancing awareness about the importance of
the internal audit profession to stakeholders and public at large. The promotional efforts will include but not
limited to Awareness Seminars, Public Lectures, Media visits and professional Articles writing. Indeed, all these
planned activities and other interactions are geared towards greater understanding among stakeholders and the
general public about the value that internal auditing brings to organizations in both the public and private sectors.
I strongly believe that internal auditing is an indispensable profession. Here are the facts about the internal audit
• Internal auditing is a vital part of strengthening organizations and protecting stakeholders of both the public
and private sectors;
• Internal auditing helps identify and manage the organization’s risks and ensure policies, procedures, and
controls are in place and working appropriately;
• Internal auditing is an increasingly sophisticated and complex activity requiring specialized knowledge,
training, and education;
• Internal auditing is an established profession, led by The Institute of Internal Auditors, with a globally
recognized code of ethics and International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.
It is undeniably that the contribution of internal auditors to the success of organizations and the global economy
at large deserves our recognition and commendations.
I sincerely hope that you will significantly learn and enjoy during May month and throughout the year our
initiatives that aim at building greater awareness of the value of internal auditing in Tanzania.
Let us progress through sharing.
Enna Victor
President of IIA Tanzania

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