Dear IIA Members and Stakeholders,

To begin with, I would like to remind you that it is the second month of the New Financial Year 2018/2019. ‘Happy Belated New Year!’ Since the New Year brings with it a fresh start and new opportunities, please be informed that it is time to renew your membership for July 2018 to June 2019. As days go by, let’s remind ourselves of our annual career goals and development that we have been thriving to build in our lives. Let’s always make it part of our monthly activities to remind workmates, team and the community on our role, significance and impact; for a successful nation. In July, IIA Tanzania conducted one training on Financial and Operations Audit while focusing on preparations of IIA’s mega annual events that are expected to bring together more than 700 participants from all over Tanzania and abroad. I am pleased to inform you that IIA Tanzania is proceeding with preparations for the events, the 5th Board and Audit Committee Forum; and the 12th Annual Internal Audit Conference both scheduled for September. These events are essential platforms for internal auditors to discuss, learn and share practical challenges and success stories in their profession.

The conference will be graced by influential speakers boasting vast experience in the field. Detailed information for your participation is provided herein. IIA Tanzania encourages internal auditors, accountants, non-auditors, board members as well as parliament oversight committees to attend these events to learn and untangle the myths, misperception over the facts and realities of internal audit works. I call upon every internal auditor from all sectors to attend such events; it’s work, balance and fun. August is the preparation month for Annual conference. Thus, let’s meet in September in Arusha City where we can share and learn from each other. Yet, IIA Tanzania encourages auditors to do CIA certifications to increase number of auditors who are professionally recognized and work according to the agreed global standards. Fortunately, the cost of attending the classes has been reviewed and divided into different modalities of attendance to reduce cost. Please share the good news. Wishing you a great month while evaluating what we have achieved and what to improve.

Enna Victor

IIA Tanzania President




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