This was revealed by Mr .Emmanuel Johannes, the President of Institute of Internal Auditors Tanzania during the 4- day workshop on Internal Audit Quality Assessment at Tanga beach resort in the last week of July 2014.

IIA Tanzania has recently added 17 new members to its database. The members who recently joined IIA Tanzania are coming from Attorney General Chamber,Akiba Commercial bank,Immigration,RAHCO,African Barrick Gold,Lushoto District,

Financial Sector includes Banks, Microfinance institutions, SACCOS e.t.c.In the context our country banks are the key prayers in financial sector and they are highly affected by fraud due to the nature of its operations mostly known as Bank fraud.

Sometimes, the hardest part of obtaining a degree is figuring out what degree to pursue. Why would this be difficult? Put simply, this degree will require a large investment of time and money and will launch a lifelong career.

Internal audit is about supporting and assuring in a value adding manner. Support to management and the overall organization towards achieving its corporate vision. Assurance to the board, management and the entire organization on sufficiency and effectiveness of governance and business management practices.

Doctors are needed not only when people get sick, but throughout life, they help people live longer by preventing them from diseases and unhealthy behaviours. They give their clients advice on balanced diets and check their patients frequently to diagnose problems in their early stages. It is easier to tackle health complications in their early stages before they have caused much damage to the body. Because of their roles, family doctors are very important to their clients.

May is being celebrated as the month of spreading awareness on Internal Audit among stakeholders, professionals and public at large. I am proud to be part of this fraternity and it’s exciting to listen story from the mouth of the horse – It’s like Jaffrey Archer is telling story about his detective novel, Pierce Brosnan (007) is telling story about making of Golden eye…….


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