Internal Auditors attend Workshop on Risk Based Internal Auditing and Audit Report Writing

By Ngwegwe Mussa
The Institute of Internal Auditors Tanzania a brain child of IIA global, organized a special workshop on understanding the Risk Based Internal Auditing and Audit Report Writing at Hilux Hotel in Morogoro Municipal on the last week of June 2014.
The four days workshop aimed at equipping Chief Internal Auditors, Head of Internal Audit and Audit Managers from public and private firms with skills on understanding the basics of risk based internal auditing and writing audit reports that can activate management action.
In addition to the above group of individuals, the workshop was also designed to help Internal Auditors, Members of Audit Committees and interested parties to clutch knowledge on risk based internal auditing and audit report writing.
Commenting on the workshop, Mr Emmanuel Johannes, The President of IIA Tanzania said “this workshop has three focus areas; developing a risk based audit plan, risk based internal audit and audit report writing.”
The president further noted that the end of four days duration saw participants walking out with knowledge on understanding the basics of risk internal auditing, understanding how to develop a risk based audit plan and writing audit reports.
Furthermore, participants were also taught on identifying the areas the internal audit activity must assess, evaluate and report on to ensure good corporate governance.
In making the workshop fruitful, participants were also guided by well trained and seasoned professionals from IIA Tanzania on how to develop audit reports that are accurate, objective,concise and attract management action.
Mr Kafaso Millinga, Executive Secretary of IIA Tanzania said “Knowing to write a quality report that can provoke the management into pursuing a course of action is not an optional to internal auditor; every internal auditor should be well versed in this area.
Apart from organizing workshops, IIA Tanzania conducts quality assessment reviews and training (onsite and offsite). It also provides consulting services for organizations.
IIA Tanzania has trained professionals to conduct quality assessments that evaluate internal audit activity’s efficiency and effectiveness, introduce best
practices as well as making suggestion to improve quality and value-added services.
The institute is also devoted into taking internal audit profession in Tanzania to higher levels by ensuring internal auditors get certified.
The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification according to Mr Millinga helps a beneficiary to be recognized worldwide as IIA internal audit profession.
The establishment purposes of IIA Tanzania are, among others, promoting the implementation of the International Profession Practices Framework (IPPF) and build capacity of the internal auditors to perform audits which add value and meet international standards.

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